Desktop publishing operators and related occupations

National Occupation Code (NOC): 1423

Desktop publishing operators use computers to enter copy into a typesetting system or operate typesetting output equipment to produce text that is ready to print. They are employed by firms that specialize in typesetting, commercial printing companies, publishing and printing companies and various establishments in the public and private sectors that have in-house printing departments.

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Job Duties for Desktop publishing operators and related occupations

Desktop publishing operators
  • Operate desktop publishing software and equipment to design, lay out and produce camera-ready copy and may perform pre-flight operator duties.
Markup persons
  • Mark copy with computer codes and typographic instructions before it is typeset.
Typesetting input operators
  • Input copy, codes or commands and subsequent corrections into typesetting device or system; operate media conversion equipment to process and format copy transmitted through telecommunications.
Typesetting output operators
  • Operate and tend typesetting output devices, load and process photosensitive material and perform routine maintenance.

Working Conditions for Desktop publishing operators and related occupations

Work is typically performed in an office environment.

Alternate Job Titles

  • Ad Compositor - Typesetting
  • Braille Block Maker
  • Braille Computer Translations Specialist
  • Braille Data Entry Clerk
  • Braille Keyboard Operator
  • Braille Keyboard Operator - Typesetting
  • Braille Process Engraver
  • Braille Stereograph Machine Operator
  • Braille Transcription Technician
  • Braillewriter Operator
  • Cold-composition Typographer
  • Cold-typesetting Typographer
  • Composing Machine Operator - Typesetting
  • Compositor - Typesetting
  • Compositor-typographer
  • Computer Photocompositor
  • Computer Phototypesetter
  • Computer Typesetter
  • Computer-aided Page Maker-up
  • Copy Cutter
  • Copy Marker - Typesetting
  • Copy Stylist - Typesetting
  • Copy Typist - Typesetting
  • Desktop Compositor
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) Operator
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) Specialist
  • DTP (desktop Publishing) Operator
  • DTP (desktop Publishing) Specialist
  • Electronic Formatter
  • Electronic Letterer Operator
  • Electronic Photocomposer Operator
  • Electronic Phototypesetting Machine Operator
  • Electronic Sign Maker Operator - Typesetting
  • Formatter Operator - Typesetting
  • Imposition Planner
  • Impositor
  • Input Compositor - Typesetting
  • Input Operator - Typesetting
  • Intertype Machine Operator
  • Intertype Operator
  • Job Compositor - Typesetting
  • Keyboard Operator - Typesetting
  • Linotype Composing Machine Operator
  • Ludlow Machine Operator
  • Ludlow Typesetting Machine Operator
  • Machine Compositor - Typesetting
  • Machine Typecaster
  • Manual Compositor
  • Markup Person
  • Markup Person - Typesetting
  • Monotype Casting Machine Operator
  • Monotype Hot Metal Typesetter Keyboard Operator
  • Monotype Keyboard Operator
  • Newspaper Page Assembler
  • Output Compositor - Typesetting
  • Output Operator - Typesetting
  • Page Compositor
  • Page Maker-up
  • Photocomposer Operator
  • Photocomposing Machine Keyboard Operator
  • Photocomposing Machine Operator
  • Photocomposing Machine Tender
  • Photocomposing-perforating Machine Operator
  • Photocomposition Typesetter
  • Photocompositor
  • Photomechanical Composition Typographer
  • Phototypesetter
  • Phototypesetter Operator
  • Phototypesetter Terminal Operator
  • Phototypesetting Machine Operator
  • Preproduction Operator
  • Processing And Output Compositor
  • Scanner Operator - Desktop Publishing
  • Scanning Machine Operator - Desktop Publishing
  • Terminal Operator
  • Type Compositor
  • Typecasting Machine Operator
  • Typesetter - Typesetting
  • Typesetting Machine Operator
  • Typesetting Machine Tender
  • Typographer
  • Typographer Apprentice
  • VariTyper Operator
  • Videotext Operator

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