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Remote Work Webinar Series 2022

Digitization of the Workplace – Remote and Hybrid Work

COVID-19 proved to be a testing ground for many in what was previous thought to be the hypothetical world of remote work. As many in Algoma discovered, there are advantages and disadvantages to remote working for both employers and employees – but what are they exactly? Can they be addressed? And do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? And what should we as employers and employees consider for the future of remote work?

In this second of a series of workshops on Remote and Hybrid work, we will be joined by Ian Grant from ATS Technologies who will be walking us through all of the technical considerations an employer should be thinking about in a Remote or Hybrid working model.

We will also be joined by Rory Ring, CEO of the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce. Rory will be sharing the Chamber’s experience of moving to a fully remote working environment and also talk about the supports available to employers who considering continuing with a Remote or Hybrid model.

Future of Work Webinar Series 2022- Recordings

Future of Work Trends/Future Skills/Modelling Future Occupations

The Future Skills Centre (FSC) is dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills they need to thrive in a changing labour market.

Canada’s economy is evolving rapidly as a result of technological, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical change. That change inevitably alters the nature of work—creating new opportunities, but also engendering new threats.

The Future Skills Centre is constantly looking ahead, gaining and sharing insights into the labour market of today and the future. Together with our partners we inform and support local approaches to skills development and employment training to help Canadians transition in a changing economy.

Join us in this Future of Work webinar as Tricia Williams highlights the trends shaping the future of Canada’s labour market and the work the FSC is doing to model occupations of the future and the skills that they will require.

From Big Data to Your Data: How Data-Driven Technologies are Shaping the Future (including jobs)

Big Data is a big buzzword these days, but beyond the hype, our ability to gather, share and analyze data is driving many of the major technological shifts that are shaping our future.

From Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, to Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, Nora Young explains the top data-driven trends shaping our world, and the challenges and opportunities they offer.

We’ll see the impacts of these shifts at the macro level of the economy and society, but also at the personal level, in our health, and the jobs the next generation will be moving into.

Immigration 101 for SMEs and Communities in Algoma

An aging workforce and increased demand for employees has meant that employers have to look at new ways to find their workforce for the future. Immigration isn’t new in Algoma, in fact the area has a rich tradition of immigration across the region and across many sectors in the economy. However, there is more complexity and competition in today’s immigration and it can be daunting for employers and communities figure out the process or even where to start. Algoma based iCA Immigration will walk us through the basics of Immigration for employers and communities in Algoma.

Where We Left Off: Ten Trends Changing the Post-Pandemic
Linda Nazareth’s upcoming book, Where We Left Off: Ten Trends Changing the Post-Pandemic Economy, details the economic forces remaking our world and looks at what we need to do to stay ahead of them. From demographic change to the proliferation of artificial intelligence to the need for a re-skilling revolution, Where We Left Off provides a guidebook to what comes next and how to be ahead of the changes.

Future of Work Webinar Series 2021 – Recordings

Future of Work – Remote and Hybrid Work
In this first of a series of workshops on Remote and Hybrid work, we will be joined by Trevor Quan who will be sharing results and perspectives from the Information and Communications Technology Council’s (ICTC) national survey and report – Emergent Employment: Canadian Findings on the Future of Work. We will also be joined by Rick Webb, who as Director Human Resources and Communications at Sault College navigated moving one of Algoma’s largest employers online, along with the entire student population. Rick will be sharing his experience with remote work – what went right and what went wrong, along with his perspectives for the future.

Future of Work – Current and Future Trends
Join Andrew Schrumm, Senior Manager, Research, RBC Thought Leadership as he shares his perspectives on current and future trends that will shape the Future of Work in Algoma and beyond.

Future of Work – Future of Education
In this webinar, join Charles Pascal, Professor of Applied Psychology & Human Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) as he shares his thoughts on what knowledge, skills and attitudes students will need for the Future of Work and how educational systems are changing in order to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary.

Future of Work in Manufacturing
Dave McHattie is the Vice President, Institutional Relations for Tenaris Canada and the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CM&E) and provides context on the future of manufacturing on behalf of both organizations.

Future of Work in Mining
Join Don Duval, Chief Executive Officer of NORCAT to hear about the trends in mining such as technological shifts, generational workforce transitions, and the changing nature of work.

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