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Job Board

This aggregator tool scrapes 26 local, regional, provincial, and national job banks every hour and places them in one spot for job seekers.

Jobs Map

This tool takes the postings from 26 job banks and shows where they are on an interactive map in relation to other important resources like daycare, transit, schools, housing, and more.

Career Library

This tool allows you to learn more about different occupations, including regional demand and salary expectations.

Career Explorer

This tool shows the pathways between different jobs and provides information on typical duties, the skills and education required, as well as whether the job is in-demand locally, and what people tend to earn in each profession.

Job Demand Report

Who is hiring in the region and what occupations are being recruited?

Job Search Report

Monthly Job Search Report highlight metrics from visitor job searches throughout the previous month.

Career Profiles

Interviews with the people who work in the Algoma Region’s top in-demand jobs. With the participation from these individuals we are able to support…

Work From Home Jobs

The Work from Home Ontario job board is comprised of jobs that may be fully or partially work from home.


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