Algoma Workforce Investment Corporation (AWIC)


Find Work, Access Training, or Upgrade Your Skills.

While AWIC doesn’t offer any training programs or directly assist people in finding employment, we are an excellent source for connecting job seekers to local employment agencies, government agencies and career information. Our site is a gateway that connects you to a network of people and resources in your search for employment.

As a job seeker you may find that it’s difficult to understand what sectors of the labour market are hiring and what industries are on the rise or decline in our communities in the Algoma District.

AWIC's research and publications provide up-to-date labour market information that can help you decide if you wish to retrain for another field, or continue on your current path. 

Come and spend some time on our website and explore our research, upcoming events and find out about our partner organizations.

Finding a Job

There are organizations in Algoma who are here to help you find employment.  Having the right information and resources can help make your job search easier to navigate.

Check out our Website page under Resources to find organization that are ready to help you!

Make Informed Decisions

In the Resources provided, you will find valuable online tools that can assist you in your decision making.

Our Sector and Job Profiles highlight industry trends, wage information and growth opportunities, that can give you a better understanding of the industries and roles you are exploring in the region.

Explore careers by fields of study

Informed educational choices early in life can help you obtain the skills and experience necessary to find work quickly, avoid unnecessary debt and get a better start to your career. The Career Tool can help you learn about what feild of study are in demand.


Job Bank is an electronic listing of jobs provided by employers from everywhere across Canada.

Help Us Grow 

AWIC is constantly growing and evolving as new resources surface and prove to be helpful as job-seeking tools. If you come across a resource that we do not currently have listed, please contact us directly and we would be happy to add it to our list.