Algoma Workforce Investment Corporation (AWIC)


The Algoma Workforce Investment Corporation (AWIC) will be a leader in the identification and delivery of a workforce development strategy that meets the economic and social needs of the District.


AWIC is a coalition of organizations that provides coordination and leadership regarding workforce development and planning to Algoma District stakeholders.


  • To act as a catalyst for positive change in the Algoma District’s labour market;
  • To be a facilitator among the workforce partners; and,
  • To partner with employers and labour market groups in addressing workforce development issues.


AWIC is mandated to carry out several key activities:

  • To strengthen the existing workforce to sustain and to create new jobs;
  • To identify workforce development requirements that will sustain and grow our communities;
  • To create community action plans to address identified workforce development issues
  • To engage employers to participate in workforce development;
  • To engage all levels of government to support and participate in workforce development;
  • To have a workforce that recognizes the importance of training, upgrading and employment issues; and,
  • To ensure compliances with our annual contractual obligations.